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Boundless Roots is a growing community of sustainable behaviour change practitioners looking to increase their impact with more radical and ambitious actions. 

We believe that the magnitude, urgency and scope of the climate crisis require radical changes in society and an honest look at how we live as well as our change-making practices.

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How can we create the conditions for radical changes in how we live that are commensurate with the magnitude of the climate crisis?



Boundless Root's purpose is to contribute to the amplification and creation of transformative projects that create the conditions for lifestyles to adapt to one planet living.


We explore the roots of this inquiry using system change approaches with practitioners coming with different theories of change and tactics but sharing the same deep questions.


We believe in the boundless potential of going under the surface to explore interconnections, similarities and differences to learn and feed the collective purpose of this community of practitioners. 





..Collective objectives..

Accelerate and demonstrate how radical changes in our lifestyles might be achieved

Build and strengthen our sustainable behavior change ecosystem 

Build, collect and share our resources to enable more change to happen through collective action




..Individual objectives..

Better understand how actions and expertise are interconnected and become better system change practitioners

Support projects and launch collaborative initiatives 

Feed our own organisations with what we learn in the community

Create a safe space to stop, think, reflect, feel in times of uncertainty and turbulences




..We push for radical ambition.. - we are committed to action, looking to experiment with projects that go to the edges of what we think is possible at the moment and we challenge each other when we think we could go further in our ambition. 


..We focus on the ‘how’.. - we acknowledge the science and evidence base for dramatic changes towards low carbon lifestyles, and we want to explore how we make this happen.  Rather than discussing what needs to change, we’re interested in how we can change, as people, as a community, and as a global society.


..We value multiple perspectives.. – we want to give voice to and value the combination of perspectives that usually don’t get to work together, understanding that we all have different ways of seeing the world. We don’t need everyone to agree or share the same theory of change, and we actively lean into tension to understand the differences in approaches to change, valuing the wisdom that comes out of exploring these tensions in a contained space. 


..We recognize potential.. - we try to focus on what could exist, seeking opportunities to collaborate and reach beyond current individual and organisational boundaries. We strive to go deeper into our own practice and values, and see the potential of living systems to change.


..We consciously learn and iterate.. - we take an inquiry approach, taking an honest look at how transformation happens, experimenting with different approaches and accepting that this might be a messy, iterative process that doesn’t go in a straight line. We openly share learnings to influence rapid change within and beyond our community’s boundaries. 


..We walk the talk.. - we operate in a way that reflects the transformation we want to see, challenging our own assumptions and behaviour. We take care of our own journeys as individuals, allowing space to explore inner tensions, and we do not judge, blame, or tell others what to do. Each of us has the opportunity to work on what we want and we all have the freedom to take the initiative.

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